Loulou van Ravensteijn - CEO

Yuki Machida - CTO

Yuki Machida is an Innovation Designer and Technologist working on creating products and experiences that create positive futures. He is a Design Researcher at the EPFL+ECAL Lab, where he is working on Digital Innovationto bring emerging technologies from the research labs at EPFL to people who need it.

Yuki is a graduate from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London, holding an Ma and MSc in Innovation Design and Engineering and an MEng in Mechanical Engineering. He is currently pursuing a Masters of Advanced Studies at EPFL and ECAL in Design Research in Digital Innovation. He is passionate about using Design Thinking and Human Centred Design to create positive impact.

He is a Design London Fellow, which allowed him to attend Executive MBA lectures  Imperial Business School. With the Lines team he was fortunate to attend the European Innovation Academy and the Intel Make it Wearable Challenge.



Loulou van Ravensteijn is an Innovator and Business Engineer with a passion for clean tech, air quality and sustainability.  Loulou is a Climate-KIC alumni from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, a master program focused on clean tech and entrepreneurship. She is currently graduating as MSc in Urban Environmental Management and business administration at Wageningen University and was an exchange student at Imperial College London. She is obsesed with the process of turning an idea into reality and all she does is about one thing: to make things better & more beautiful.

She gained knowledge on tech startups by working at the seed-investment program Entrepreneur First in London, followed by her position as first employee and strategy & sales business developer at deep learning startup Tractable, searching for the new markets for AI.

Loulou is currently making and presenting the television show Weekendcrashers broadcasted at the Dutch Public tv-channel NPO3.

Loulou believes that we as humans can be more sophisticated in how we design businesses and society, so models in which everyone's a winner can be created. Understanding and speaking the language of multiple disciplines enables building these.

The vision of AetherAir is one of blue skies and optimal working conditions for employees and building occupants.

We develop AirReader, to generate valuable insights for our clients in how their building 'breathes', enabling optimising the use of air filters and ventilation systems by understanding pollution patterns, detecting failure and pinpointing pollution sources. Strategic ventilation is not only cost and energy saving, it can also save lives.  AirReader helps to save on energy bills, improves employee health and productivity, and assists in meeting legal IAQ standards.

Our mission at Aether Air is to improve indoor air quality with methods that are low in energy use and low in costs. Therefore, we are supporters of low-cost solutions if applicable.  Certain plants have scientifically been proven to be effective air filters. Aether Air combines the Internet Of Things, low-tech and design in HarryThePlant, a natural air purification intallation that is not only improving health and the productivity of building occupants, it is also satisfactionary for the aesthetic soul.