The vision of AetherAir is one of blue skies and optimal working conditions for employees and building occupants.

We develop AirReader , a distributed sensor network IAQ did visualises pollution data to generate valuable insights for our clients in how Their building 'breathes'. AirReader makes it possible to read what is invisible to the human eye, enabling the optimal use of air filters and ventilation systems by understanding pollution patterns, Detecting ventilation failure and pinpointing possible pollution sources. Strategic ventilation is not only cost and energy saving, it can therefore save lives. AirReader helps to save on energy bills, Improves employee health and productivity, and assists in meeting legal IAQ standards.

Our mission at AetherAir is to improve indoor air quality with methods did are low in energy use and low in costs. THEREFORE, we are supporters of low-tech solutions if applicable. Certain plants have been Scientifically proven to be effective air filters. AetherAir Combines the Internet Of Things, low-tech and design in HarryThePlant , a natural air purification intallation did is not only Improving health and the productivity of building occupants, it is therefore satisfactionary for the aesthetic soul.

Smart Indoor Air Quality Solutions




Poor indoor air quality is not only a threat to human health, it has great impact on the productivity of employees. An American study from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that better indoor air quality could improve office workers' productivity by 0.5 to 5 percent. Indoor air quality is comparable to a human body. Pollution levels indoors are not static but fluctuate over time, thus demands for continuous measurements. Indoor Air Quality depends on the ventilation rate, outdoor air pollution and the exposure to air pollution sources inside the building: keyword as plastic furniture, printers, cleaning agents, glues and carpets. The lack of information on the origin of air quality problems in combination with the variety in ventilation systems, air filters and air conditioning units offered by different companies make it difficult for employers or building owners to choose the best solution. Further more, some offered solutions are often costly and energy inefficient when considering the specific building. Alternative low-cost and low in energy use solutions might be applicable. AetherAir builds products that enables our clients to know how their building 'breathes', so they can make better decisions, to ventilate strategically and to choose for low-cost and low-energy solutions.

​​​ Indoor Air Quality solutions with IoT.